Burt was so happy he decided to give it a second chance. But then the happiness totally vanished, what he saw in front of him was big, nasty and full of swarming princesses. He specifically told the producer that he was through with their kind. Hot vampires and zombie chicks only. This show was supposed to help him find the love of his live s, all nine of them. The Cat Man kneaded his paws while imagining the purrfect scenario. He knew she was out there somewhere, just waiting to be found. The Cat Man had last seen her in Vegas at the Plushie convention. She was wearing a Pink Panther costume that really meeeowed his motor! His plan for the next time he tracked her was convoluted and not at all thought through.He just knew he would need the following: a tiny sack of furr;some plaster;drops of human blood;and most importantly:many,MANY small Pali speaking autotrons. Those were going to be the hard ones to get as they hadn't yet been invented. I asked my mom when they would get invented & she pretended ignorance. She had to. You see, being a time traveler forbade Mom from mentioning future events to those of us in the past. So I decided to create the Pali speaking autotrons, myself, in the image of Danny DeVito with Tom Welling's face. I'd never been great at robotics, but something just clicked when I built this autotron. I followed guides, and even got it to speak! "Throw momma from the space train," it said through Tom Welling's face in place of Danny DeVito's. Oh, the cat was back. It had reprogrammed my AI by adding IMDB to the dataset. Momma sat in her seat, oblivious to my approach. I was ready to eject her when the conductor entered. In a fluid movement he grabbed me and flung me out. Momma waved bye-bye to me.



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