Prof. Ivey's widow received his mortal remains six months later. As the young officer who had brought them rode away, Miss Prunella noticed the box only contained a seal envelope. In the envelope was a letter from Prof. Ivey, containing his final wishes. Breadsticks, detergent, gallons upon gallons of Anti-itch. Prof. Ivey had some problems far greater than the UFO he'd uncovered in the rainforest. I hear whispering from the craft when I realize that it is Prof. Ivey himself coming out from behind a near tree. "Hey, Professor... So have you found more information about this tropical alien?." He replied: “Yes, I’ve determined the tropical alien is from tropical Canada”. Professor Ivey is an expert at the game geoguesser where Google Maps are given and the player locates locations. Tropical Canada had always been her favorite. Her various expeditions there revealed excavation site, unearthing ancient tropical specimens, including the elusive pink Plesiosaurus. This ancient beast as paleontologist discovered appeared to primarily Salmon and secondarily grazing on leaves which were theorized to be around the beach dig-site. The salmon were unimpressed by the plesiosaurus, and gave him the fish-eye. Enraged, the creature ate them and crawled from the dig-site at the archeologists, who ran up the beach . The plesiosaurus was unimpressed with the archeologists and gave them the dino-eye, but they'd already retreated hastily into the forest. And so it came to be that Plesiosaurs, marine dinosaurs, evolved into land reptiles just to chase archaeologists, scaring them but only tickling their feet upon catching them. No wonder they became extinct.



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