I have adopted the practice of pacing...back and forth...left and right...up and down...day-in and day-out...but I'm not really sure why I do it, unless, of course...I happen to be so anxious that if I didn't my eyeballs would fall right out of my head! Keep pacing, keep pacing, keep pacing!! My eyeballs didn't end up falling out of my head however; I suffered a panic attack right in front of Alice-Marie. She laughed at first until she realized I wasn't joking around. My eyes! Alice-Marie screamed when reality hit her smack in the face. I didn't understand. My eyes were the ones messed up. She was such a drama queen. My eyelids fluttered but Alice-Marie paid no attention. She continued screaming and making a huge fuss about not a lot, scarcely noticing that I was rapidly losing consciousness. "Get up and help me before I pass out, you loud infant!" I gasped at her. The last thing I saw before everything went black was her huge brown eyes filling with tears. I hadn't meant to hurt her. She sneezed loudly right in my face. When I came to, I reached up and pressed a button. Miniature wipers cleared the mucus from my view. The crying, brown-eyed girl was gone As soon as Mr. Mouse announced the plan for an all night street party. Mr. Rat was going to join in the celebration of the Summer solstice. The brown-eyed girl had a suspicion and the Summer Solstice Party was the perfect place to release it so she volunteered for the Decorations Committee right away. She didn't tell the suspicion. It was going to be a s urprise & if the suspicion found about it she'd tell rumor who'd tell gossip & she'd spread it around & it'd become fact by proxy of numbers. Oh what the hell! She did it anyway.



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