"Kill 'em! Kill 'em all!" The captain shouted over the booming of the cannons. "Show no mercy - you cowards didn't join the Galactic Fleet for nothin'!" He grips his laser gun and stands up in his Craftmatic bed waving his cane. Nurse Mary sighed, "Captain! report to bridge at once and take your meds!" After Firefly was canceled, residents were having fits. Wearing hand-made Janeā„¢ hats, they expressed their outrage by spelling "Firefly Lives" with tater tots in their chocolate pudding. "Serenity" did nothing to alleviate the resident violation of common taste; tater tots in chocolate pudding was NOT acceptable after Lent. "Firefly Lives" became the most prominent slogan of the "Occupy Cable" movement, whose leader was a self-confessed browncoat living inside a scale model of the Serenity. Occupy Cable failed to force Firefly back into production, but several fan-created Christmas sp ecials kept hope alive. The Secret Star Chamber that ran the Human Projekt, took notice of the sort of people that still carried a torch for Firefly & seeing Serenity fly again. And indeed Serenity fled, as it always does, eventually. The town became tense and restless as its citizens waited for further directions from the Human Projekt. But none came. Then came the harsh realities of the 2nd Dark Age, the Age Less than Mediocre: The Age of Blanked Out: Tao Blaut. All of it financed by the Human Projekt under the auspices of the USSR. No, not THAT USSR, but the Unbelievably Stupid Shit Regulators, a global organization governing ATA (i.e., All Things Asinine). As such, the 2nd Dark Age was marked by New Parmasan Flip Flops, brought to you by the ATA and the Hallouminati. If you didnt get full customer satisfaction with this product, please return item to Lord Emperor Ba'n'aal



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