In 2013 ETS replaced its PRAXIS exams for future teachers with a new, simpler one- the Voight-Kampff test. In the first 5 minutes of testing, over 75 future teachers were revealed to be knock-off replicants. The question "A student gives you an apple. It has worms in it. How do you feel?" caused several to go ballistic. Bladerunners were hired by the ETS. But it was the Replicants who hired the ETS. The Bladerunners were actually being controlled indirectly by replicants. But the replicants needed the Bladerunners to track down the renegade Bluedogs who were refusing to wear collars. They were notoriously fast runners. They transformed themselves into mice and vanished without trace as soon as they were finis hed. "I don't believe in mice that vanish without a trace", chortled a rotund Detective Dodo of the Department of Dangers, Big & Small. "Especially if they didn't start out as mice but as an arcane pattern of CheezeWiz on a basket of flies. Mice my eye! Show me their hidey holes!" Detective Dodo's boss Captain Grackle set aside the mice-n-rice takeout menu and nodded. "You won't find any hidey holes. These aren't mice. They are extraterrestrials. We need a way to destroy their little UFOs." Detective Dodo held up a finger. (It was not a very polite finger.) "Screw you and the tiny UFO's you rode in on!" he shouted, startling a waiter into spilling soup onto a customer. Suddenly they heard a terrible scream, which made all of them scream, which made everyone in the restaurant scream! The lights flickered &power went down. Breaking glass. A WHOOSH. Two gunshots. More screams. The building was set ablaze. Everyone ran for the exit. Outside, rain began to fall.



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“Something you said set the house ablaze”—The Jam

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