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HAHAHAHAHA! Good ending, 42twentyfour!

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This is actually better written than some essays I grade at the end of the semester. You think I’m joking?

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I guess you can’t share -
wasn’t there a LOL funny book of the best of the worst of the easy quotes from an English teacher?

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Let me try again to write in English…

Wasn’t there a LOL funny book featuring unintentionally funny excerpts from essays an English teacher received from his pupils during his career?

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That’s how you feel after grading for days during finals week. He said duck was why the water was foul…fine C?

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I couldn’t find it. Below are some other collections
Warning: may be too close to reality for those in the teaching profession - respect , btw.

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Fabulous, SlimWhitman. I am particularly fond of the abstinence cartoon.

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HAHA! Great! Probably the most common error I see every semester (as a communication professor) is carelessness in spelling the simple word “public” (as in “public speaking”). Every single semester, without fail, at least one student will write me, thanking me for helping him improve his PUBIC speaking skills.

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I briefly entertained the idea of starting a story about that,
fortunately this time my internal censor interjected.

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I write so stream of conscious when I am at rough draft that it does not matter how good I am once I get to final draft. Here on FS, as I am writing in the in between moments, it’s always stream of conscious. So ThePurpleProf, my most profound apologies for having to read my writing. Lol.

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I used to teach English as a foreign language abroad and it was surprising how many people switch on their computer by pissing on the button.

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Do they keep their presentations for pubic speaking on the pissed upon computer?

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