ArmorStatusHUD BspkrsCore IngameInfo StatusEffectHUD TreeCapitator DamageIndicators AdvancedMachines AppliedEnergistics AromaCore Autoutils Bdlib BigReactors BinnieMods But then the computer screen displayed something I never saw coming. I refreshed the log just to be sure, and sure enough it read: 10,000 incoming words of erotic fanfiction about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Faced with this epic, I could only stare at my computer screen and be smitten with it's wonder. It could get published, or better, get re-discovered by generations left to come. I almost didn't react fast enough, hand shooting for the tissue next to the tissue box, the one I had dropped earlier. I barely got the tissue to my eyes before a flood of sheer emotion gushed from my ducts. At last- the world might see my work and marvel at my wonderful and amazing creations. People might be apprehensive and afraid at first but by God would they embrace them for their sheer beauty in the end; Innovations had come and gone and left the public feeling fleeced and violated. Not so my creations. Automatons who deciphered Heidegger and Derrida squared and makes a mean BLT. Seriously, take a bite and say you don't think a bit of garlic improves the culinary zeitgeist. In fact, I call them my LGBT: Lettuce, garlic, bacon and tomato. Well, artificial bacon: Facon™. I wasn't sure what the new fangled obsession with things that are like things but are not was all about, so I asked Woab, who was emerging from the valley of fake penises. "What is it with this fetish for the ersatz?" Woab stared at me for a moment. Looking around, she reached into her heavily laden shopping bag and handed me a big red question mark.



1 Woab's photo

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the fake penises, I will fear no evil: for Stigmartyr and Ped_Xing art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me, ersatz though they may be.

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Happy St. Sulpice Day.

3 StigMartyr's photo

A very regal response to being caught in a very nun-like act.

Ped_Xing and I are very happy to accompany you with our hearty laughter and our bulging sacks.

I mean burlap sacks. One shopping bag was never enough for the enchantress Woab.

I’ve strangely missed telling silly stories with you.

4 Woab's photo

I hope you stay and tell more, Stig. A line from you is a must-have, double-bag item.

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