Un día como hoy empezó todo. Un día nublado, gris, frío, una típica tarde limeña de abril. Meses, años, siglos había pasado y recordaba todo tan igual, como si acabara de suceder. Abril es un mes muy triste, no como una arpía como agosto, pero triste. Lágrimas. Es una pena. Estremecimiento. Los huevos coloreados. El conejo mágico diabético. Muy triste. Así f ar. Mr. Rabbit 's cousin ate three Mars bars a day, much to Dr. Dkhvbczfjly's chagrin. Venus knocked at the dooir with her own chocolates to seduce him. Mars was jealous and threw a fit mostly sand storms & the like. DR. Dkhvbczfjly had sand in his eyes & Mr. Rabbit's cousin abandon the cause. No more protesting the hot dog bun inequality ratio. They were renting a Condimentium shaped like a giant cheese dog sandwiched in a hoggie and they were the cheese. DR. Dkhvbczfjly's sleep grains made a great topping for Mr. Rabbit's all-beef salad, and pretty soon all the carnivores had gone to sleep and Mr. Rabbit was able to sneak out of the kitchen unnoticed. He stole some money from Dr. D and bought a shrimp boat and hired two dumbfucks to run it for him. He took to always wearing a hat to hide his rabbit ears. He bought Trix from General Mills & had all that he could stomach. Just as he took his last bite, a group of young children chided him. "Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids!" The ensuing embarrassment and shame broke the poor rabbit. He sold all his porcelain bowls, casting the sweet dots of grain down the creek to sod. Ah, the forlorn rabbit confessed, you can't teach a cottontail new Trix. He assumed his innate skill and dug his own hole, then woke up two months later to witness the bright multi-colored fruity crop coloring the countryside. A milky sky rained down on them & they all leapt for joy!



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Folds 1 and 2 according to google translate plus some of my editing:

On a day like today everything began. A cloudy, gray, cold day, a typical Lima afternoon in April. Months, years, centuries had passed and he remembered everything as if it had just happened.

April is a very sad month, not a harpy like August, but sad. Tears. It is a pity. Shudder. The colored eggs. The diabetic magic rabbit. Very sad. So f

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Thank you for the interpretation. It is amusing to see that not everything was lost in translation (:
Great contributions to this story, y’All!! (Thank you for also subtly encouraging me to tune up my Espanol skills.)

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