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To serve man.

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brb submitting this as a Twilight Zone spec script

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How embarrassing. I must have still been on my pain meds when I started this story. Apologies, everyone. HAHA!

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I’m not saying anything other than that i am enjoying my Australian licorice.

I’m just saying.

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Australian licorice is the best!

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No need for apologies, PP.
I think even without meds, many a longtime folder
exclaims (or thinks) “I wrote that??”
I just take it as a fun surprise -
or you could always claim ‘someone’ hijacked your acct… :-)

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For those of you who might be wondering… Soon after I started playing FoldingStory, I was diagnosed with very aggressive stage 3 breast cancer. I had to go through a lot…chemo, radiation, multiple surgeries, etc… I couldn’t go anywhere or do hardly anything. FoldingStory was one of my healing ways. You kept me laughing…and it’s true that laughter is the best medicine. So I keep playing, meeting y’all from all over and enjoying this little game we do.

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So sorry to hear that PP and hope you’re well now. What an excellent way to heal! x

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You’re precious to us, Prof! Creativity is a healer.

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Yes! I am going on six years in remission. Thank you! 100% agree: creativity, fun, friends, and laughing are all powerful healing forces.

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