On his first date, he noticed on her shelf a first edition copy of 'The Trail'. Then and there, he decided to devote his life to Kafka. Unaware, it was her roommate's book. 'The Trail of the Lonesome Pine' by Kafka is set in tbe Appalachian Mountains in Bohemia. Geologist Josef K is a stranger in town. He meets the beautiful Fraulein Tolliver in a tin mine, the most romantic spot that Josef K, geologist, can imagine. Fraulein Tolliver detests the cold and uncomfortable mine almost as much as she loves her darling Josef and his earnestness. The picnic on the floor of the mine did not look appetizing to Frl. Tolliver. Josef K patted the blanket enticingly, kicking up dust. "I have pickles, meine Leibchen Suddenly interested but still playing it coy she says, "If you say you have mustard I might believe you and sit down with you Josef K. Only to enjoy the pickles & mustard though." She may have been coy, but she was a sucker for a nice pastrami. Surprisingly, Josef K. wasn't after her body. He just needed to share his discovery with someone in a Jewish deli. Even though she was in a pickle, she appreciated the rye look on Josef K.'s face. She could tell that he could cut the mustard. And the cheese, into thin slices, like waxed paper in a publisher's workshop. Josef smiled wryly, his muslces flexing and bulging underneath his thin Deli Apron. "You think I became an expert Deli craftsman by sitting on my ass?" Josef threw baumkuchen at the chief editor. "All you do is laze about! It's time for you limp lettuce publishers to get ripped... with the help of GERMAN DELICACIES!!" "But Josef, no one has to get ripped. That's just some muscle-mag meme." Josef was too disciplined to be infuriated but he did say, "Oh, ja? What about cetacean currywurst?"



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Josef K, geologist and apparently a deli c̶l̶e̶r̶k̶ craftsman/bodybuilder.

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