Sally Temple was always so self-conscious about her sixth finger-- or rather, the sixth finger on her left hand; she had eleven total. She even considered cutting it off one day. She'd cut off the one on her right when she was 13...some kind of coming of age madness. She still felt wrong, a freak and so was trying to pluck up her fragile courage, but the real problem was that she didn't have the money for an Frontal lobe transplant. All the other girls by now where sporting three and she only had one. Fortunately Franky took an online "How To" course on frontal lobe implants from the University of Phoenix Online. He attended the minimum chat rooms so he passed. Unfortunately he hated her personality and decided to make the necessary changes himself. Grey matter splattered his lab coat, as his limited expertise in neurology shaped her new persona to be one of servile passivity. After installing a new braincap, he decided to run some tests. "You will do whatever I want, yes?" I asked her, "Will you agree to make a music video and then she agreed to make a music video only if she could wear all purple and sing jesus loves me! The video was a hit! It sold over 2m copies. Although due to the scantily clad dancers in the background, it was abolished in some fundamentally religious countries, and was ceremoniously burned in front of the parliament buildings.Of course certain scalawags bootlegged the video and distributed copies to the Muslims, Amish, and people who otherwise used the out-moded communication of VCRs and had not yet embraced DVDs. Luddites came out in droves and whole nations were driven back to the dark ages of rotary phones. The End?



1 Chaz's photo

This is the first time I liked every line of a story. Great job!

2 SlimWhitman's photo

Yes, it flows very nicely!  Just an aside: Do the Amish use VCRs?

3 Chaz's photo

True Fact: Amish would build entertainment systems with VCR tape holders. They were miffed when “The English” switched to DVD and they had to change their fine woodwork. Technology effects everybody.

4 DanMars's photo

Nice one indeed!

5 sundancer's photo

I agree!!! I think this is the first story in which I enjoyed reading every single line. I am happy to be a part of this month’s featured fold!

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