When Gregor Samsa woke up one morning from unsettling dreams, he found himself changed in his bed into a human being. What he had been before, his newly human mind did not recognize. He had vague recollections of mossy rocks and darting from a predator's claws, but nothing else. The bedroom was the same as before, except for copious blood spatters & a girl's corpse on the carpet. HOLY CRAP, what had he become last night?! Were those leopard tracks? Filled with dread, he tried desperately to think who he should call--who he could trust to not turn him in to Animal Control, or not fill his leopard brain with a titanium bullet. He killed a woman instinctively because he was a hunter, not because of uncontrollable hate or lust. He was an animal by night, and a human by day. . .he wanted to be human, but he didn't know how. His goal: animal by day, human by night seemed far off and elusive when he saw an advert in the local Daily which read "Want to get those nocternal animalistic tendancies in check? He seemed interested... after all that would mean he could channel his ultimate. He only had time to meet the great Julora at night when he was human. As a simple animal by day this could be a quite daunting task. So.. he decided to wait for nightfall... Perhaps then Julora would grant him an audience. She filmed his soliloquy and posted it on her YouTube channel as well as her Facebook page. You can imagine how he got his proverbial fifteen minutes of fame . Then they married. Twas an inspiration to all of us who still, in the far reaches of our stone cold hearts, believe in love...& words. True, it was only a brief shining moment, but it lasted forever.



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...and then he ate her.

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He ate her in a way that she’d never been eaten before…

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