d a n k dank stank He sure did, so Frank gave Dank a spank! "You dang Yank!" replied Dank. "Keep yer paws off my flank!" Frank thought it was a good prank but blamed it Hank. "Time for your tranq, Hank. Or you can walk the plank." Hank's heart sank. Clearly Frank was back on crank. Dank and dark was Frank's lank hair as he snorted crank, spanked Hank, then climbed into his swank WWII tank (clank!) which stank like a rank sperm bank because Frank liked to wank. Frank's a Wanky Doodle Dandy, a Wanky Doodle do or die. A wankin' image of his poodle, who regularly humps the coffee table legs. Frank needed a less poodly hairdo, so he went to a canine coiffeur named Ruff Wuff Cuts, settled in the barber chair & said "I'm tired of my Wanky Doodle Do. I want something crude & blue,a coiff for a butch mutt or warrior sioux Terrier." Mr. Barber hadn't met one of the latter yet. But his next client was a cousin of such a dog. Mr. Barber thanked this handsome dog for the information. The dog sat up. The thanks Mr. Barber offered was not enough; he wanted a treat. “Sorry, pooch, I got no food,” Mr. Barber said, turning around. Pissed, the dog bit him in the ass.



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