"Oh God," she shouted at no one in particular. "I overcooked the sweet potatoes again." That's when she just lost it and started to violently stuff silverware into her child throat. "You're the reason this happened you little shit!" she sneered with the ferocity of an animal. It wasn't his fault the sweet potatoes had burnt. In fact, the whole house would've burnt down if he hadn't opened up the oven to check on them. His mother was a true sociopath. That's why she was such a good mother. She did NOT care what his friends thought, or what society thought in general, at all. She did everything in her power to protect her son, in general, but not specifically. She said she was strict, but in reality, she let her son do just about anything he wanted. That's why, now at age 33, he's still living at home, play ing computer games incessantly. The reek of old socks, discarded pizza boxes and unwashed teenage masculinity assaulted the nostrils like an iron fist to the face. Is this what her son was doing with his life?! Betty Wilsh Veronica-Gaden decided to take action, and snuck into his room one night, taking all his video games, and leaving a note that she would be leaving all his stuff at a Secure Location at the Cooper & Lodge Veteran's of Psychic Wars Pavilion on the west side outside the city gates. Maybe he could figure out his life. But life, as they say, is best lived forward but only understood backwards. A concept he was keenly aware of. He roared as he clawed at his shirt ripping it to tatters. Then he went back to the train stopped at the subway station, as if nothing had happened. He had gotten his revenge for his Uncle Fester's murder at the same location in 1935.



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I had hoped he was going to pick up a wild bear onehandedly and then outrace the train. Oh well, maybe next time.

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