The moment that 4D4M cannibalized a spare rib from his abdominal enclosure to clone an assistant entity with which to evolve upon this new world, this paradise. For the best gene zippers and antennas were needed to bribe the bouncer. Inside the club was quiet, and several slender seven-eyed serpents slithered softly to simple music. I reached for my dick. This was definitely that kind of party, and I'm definitely into reptiles. As the beat increased and the lights flashed, so did I. The bouncers rushing towards me were huge and hulking. Under the strobing lights, they appeared to run towards me in stop motion, their grimaces contorting between each flash of light. They grabbed my bare arms and le -ad me to their queen, whom I could barely see due to all the after-images of flashing lights burned onto my retinas. "Look at me when I speak!" the queen demanded, but all I could do was stare at the 5 o'clock shadow she grew despite her attempt to hide it under make-up. "Yes your Majesty," I stammered. "Would you care for a shave? UH, I MEAN...KNAVE. I mean , er, yes your Majesty, of course, I'll call for a knave immediately." I hurriedly backed out of the room, averting my eyes from the increasingly hirsute royal chin, and looked up ye olde want ads for a knave to trim the monarch's rapidly-growing beard. One caught my eye: "Scizor the Leaping Leper". Would he have the chops to barber that beard? I sent my Page, Puck, to fetch Scizor the Leaping Leper in Arden and bring him here to trim the emperor’s beard. Abruptly, a scream that the King was dead caused Puck to pause…



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It was that kind of a party.

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