"Thanks Frank, but I think we'll go with Kate's proposal this time." Frank screamed & pounded on the table. "No, mine! mine mine mine!" He tore up his meeting minutes, dropped trow and rolled around urinating on himself. Frank was a talking dog and he was trying to execute a hostile take over of Kate's sausage company. Kate held an emergency board meeting while Frank yelped at the door. They considered Frank's offer of a chewed slipper in return for absolute control of her sausage company. Kate 's co-executives worked out a counter deal:Frank would relinquish his hold of the door, & they'd consider using a DIFFERENT dog in the next sausage batch.Frank barked his decision: "I'll think about it!" The co-executives nodded in approval at his fair and even-handed decision and shuffled out the building and over a cliff. Being lemmings they were prone to re-enacting Disney's concocted stampede over the cliff. That is one of the main reasons you don't often see lemmings in Senior Executive positions. An answer came the next day; NO. But Warner Brothers was more than happy to produce The Lemming King, with hopes of cashing in on a new animated musical classic. But tragedy was to haunt the film from day one. In fact, Disney-Warner Bros. had to scrap several projects, and make back scratch by editing them into a compilation film: "Song of the Menstruating Lemming". It was a hit that none could fault in the industry! It made it to Bollywood that summer with much adulation. The only thing that was wrong with the project was a whistle-blowing insider learned the actors were all white guys wearing Indian makeup (they worked cheaper). The film executives were furious, cancelling the project immediately.



1 Woab's photo

And rightly so.

2 IceSquad's photo

The film was doomed due to Bollywood prudishness. “Song of the Lemming Whose Time of the Month Had Arrived” just isn’t a catchy enough title.

3 Zetawilk's photo

I imagine it’s pretty cheap of Disney to re-purpose their banned or otherwise obscure or controversial materials into a single film.

To spoil it for those who may not know, this is a reference to “Song of the South”, “The Story of Menstruation”, and the urban legend (does Snopes still exist?) about Disney forcing lemmings to dive off cliffs to their deaths.

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