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They held that what you believed to be Other Folding Stories are only different perspectives of the One Sole FoLding Story. Each perspective is a single Soul. Their model had more soul.

And it paired well with chicken fried swamp rat and a Roota-Toot Extra Sugar Root Beer.

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Your pudding me on.

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You’re… pudding me on.
-Custard’s last frogurt stand

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I got food poisoning at that stand once. lol

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So if you only got your food poisoning there once, where do you usually get your food poisoning now?

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I usually get my food poisoning at Botchy’s House o’ Botulism. They give me discounts.

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I usually get mine at Sarah’s Salmonella Stand on the other side of town but, it was shut it down after Det. Manatee implicated it in a money laundering scheme. It reopened recently under new management.

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A mis-read of Rebbie’s post inspired me to start a new monkey-laundering story here:

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Wierd, or not, I read “monkey-laundering scheme” too.

10 shadowsheart's photo

Yous guys gots dirty monkeys on yo brains.

11 Rebbie's photo

Don’t worry Woab has set me up to launder them for you.

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The story turned out great, but the comments afterwards were the money shot.  I’m in a snit of envy, guess I’ll go wash my monkey.

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That’ll be $107.50, Pinky. But if you act now I will throw in a set of Guinsu knives for free.

14 Woab's photo

OMG, who threw this set of Ginsu Knives into all the clean monkeys?!?

15 shadowsheart's photo

Did you want monkeycide? Because this is how we get monkeycide.

16 pinky's photo

Rebbie - ok.I can pay with laundered monkey, right?

Woab -  It was Rebbie! Rebbie did it!

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