Lion tastes good.Let's establish a beachhead to aggressively hunt their prides. We'll construct breathing apparatus from kelp & trap certain amounts of oxygen. Tuna commandos will use a flanking position on the veldt. Charlie, you will be on point to recon these lions. Now any questions? ... Yes, I know we are tuna but we'll take them by surprise. Charlie shrugged at the Sarge's orders. How tunafish could catch a lion was anybody's guess, but he didn't want to be peelin' potatoes, so he joined the march (swim?) without leave which landed him in hotwater. Charlie was in the brig. Sarge's dog Spike came to visit. The dog slid two packs of gum cigarettes to Charlie, who smiled and puffed one. But the lack of real smoke was still dissatisfying. Charlie needed to get out of the hellhole, and right quick. He thought of that time in Korea, when he and Dozer had dug their trench, and then enjoyed a smoke. Nothing had ever been quite as satisfying as that. This Grape Bubble Gum Vape was not even close. I wouldn't vape this again even if I made love the universal language. "All you need is love," I told them. Too many claimed that the Grape Bubble Gum Vape had rendered my words deaf and mute. I had mixed up my carts. The THC had me questioning whether it mattered if words were deaf, and how they'd look if they were muted. My friends thought I had too much love and needed to sleep it off. I disagreed vi vaciously, and yet my eyes felt strangely heavy. "That's right," my friends murmured. "Sleep...sleep...poppies will make your sleep..." I must have slept for decades because when I awoke, it was my friends' corpses that lay nearby, and their faces were those of old people. Wait, did the heroin do that to them overnight? Or totally warp my mind? Back to sleep.



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This has been brought to you by the Ad Council, dude. Check out those flying unicorns…yeah.

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