We are all interested in the future, for that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives. Future events such as these will affect you in the future. Futurologist & lothario Dirk Van Dook snapped off his power point presentation & strode amongst his audience slapping them awake. The seminar room door swung open & an old crone lifted a gas lamp and shook a spooky clump of chained debris and said, "Beware...beeeeewaaaare all ye who entered this seminar....." Dirk Van Dook felt the seminar had gone overboard with the creepy business, but he must learn how to make a fortune day trading. A mummy handed Dirk a Dracula mask and a name tag with a little black cat & a witch on it. Dirk wore it to work and found he had the place to himself. The mummy and Dirk made millions of dollops that day, then gave a tiny amount of it to Tiny Tim, who was homeless. Tiny Tim took the tiny amount that Dirk & the Mummy had given him & bought a smidgen of cheese for his bosom buddy, Willard, his rat. Willard was sad that Tiny Tim didn't have food so he gave him a bag of money he had found stashed in a sewer. "Take it, Tiny Tim," said Willard, "what's a rat need money for, anyway?" So Tiny Tim invested the money in Rat Real Estate, building mass recycling centres across the country. Rats prospered on their land, but eventually grew at ease with the human world. Squeakings of a war emerged traveling fast among the masses. No one could decipher fact from rumor, but everyone knew something evil was on its way. All anyone could do was prepare the best they could for the worse. There was talk of maybe moving into the subway tunnels or deeper into the sewers. Bunny said, "as long as we're together as a family."



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Shabbadu- maybe they went to the sewers to see if there were any more money bags lying around in there.

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