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Ah the ole squirrel on a stick! Had one just the other day at weinershnitzels.

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Carnans eat only products from the meat food group, as opposed to Vegans: Its kind of a karmic ying-yang nutrition thing…

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Oh, I thought Vegans just hated animals so much they denounced any product which was animal-related.  “We hate cows, damn yogurt to hell!” and that sort of thing.  Then they go around eating up all the trees.  Personally my only experiences with any cliche demographic were with militants begging the “we’re not mutually responsible despite identifying ourselves with the same group” defense.  Yes, this was back in the soviet educational system, classrooms wired in with camera-televisions, watching us while instructing us with the same repeated monochromatic footage.  There was no recess due to the genetic experiments crossbreeding velociraptors with orangutans, and we were fed consistent subliminal messages to “fear Project Star Wars”.  The injections continued nigh on as we slept, waking us with pinpricks that demeaned strange, exotic dreams that seemed psychotropically hallucinogenic even in the vein of slumbering audiovisuals our minds ordinarily construct.  And they were all the same.

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Well, it’s very nice to be selected for Fold of the Month, but I must credit 49er for the Recipe of “Squirrel on a Stick”:

I wonder how Harley’s Appalachian adventure went?

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I prefer my squirrel traditional, with a spicy dijonaise, but the bacon-wrapped variety is quite popular among Carnans.

Congrizzle Slizzle!

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Squirrels wouldn’t get eaten, they’re the ninjas of the animal kingdom.

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