So this guy called me up. I had gone on a date with him, maybe, 3 months ago. It had been ok, but he had to leave early to catch a last minute flight to Budapest. So he was back & blowing up my phone at 3 in the morning. I decided to answer it, seeing as I was awake anyway. "Hey, Todd," I mumbled into the receiver. "James, my love," he crooned. "How are ya?" "Tired, what else would I be at 3 in the morning?" I grumbled huskily in the phone. "So what do you want anyeays. Money? I told ya, I'm broke after paying for your car last month." There was no reply. Only heavy breathing. "Come on now, tell me! Or hang up! I don't want any drama at this hour!" I said. Then a reply came: "Please... They will kill me if I tell you-" The voice cut off leaving me in the dark. Then the person hung up. I tried calling back, considering the person sounded like they were in danger. No answer so I pasted the number into the phone-locator app I was beta-testing for NPA Inc. The person who had hung up so abruptly was in the 1300 block of Cheswick Drive, moving north at about 90 knots before suddenly shooting up into the sky. It was then that I knew that what I was chasing was not of this Earth. I could see the con trail rising up from the middle of the tree line and some alien prisoners escaping along it. (At this point I still thought I was flying and chasing a UFO). When I slowly came down from the mushroom trip, I realized that the knives I thought were my hands, were actually my hands this whole time, how crazy is that? "That does sound crazy," said Dr. Spangler, writing something in that little notepad of his. "This is quite the breakthrough, Edward." But I no longer understood or recognized him.



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