Europa, dazzled by the beauty of the white bull, let it lick her hand. Then tipping its horns the bull (aka Zeus) rolled her onto its back and plunged into the ocean towards Asia. Right into Det. Manatee's trap! The Detective had been waiting when the white bull dove into the ocean with Europa on its back. Det. Manatee's detail quickly retrieved Europa from the ocean and crated up the bull to send it to Queen Phaedra in Crete. Europa was taken in chains back to Baton Rouge to face a humiliating tribunal. Europa's bull horns were sawn off, and with it Europa's self-esteem was destroyed. Queen Phaedra from Crete smirked viciously at the humiliation she wrought upon poor Europa. "I'll wrap her in grape leaves and soak her in olive oil," gloated Queen Phaedra, "and sell her in little flat cans at Trader Joe's!" Phaedra's Minotaur Treats were known for their distinctive flavours and exotic ingredients. Trader Joe couldn't believe his luck in acquiring an inside source to stock his shoppe. But would the flat cans hold up under such conditions? I mean stacking them so high in his truck could be a problem. I hope the cans don't ... fuse together from the pressure," I said. "Don't be stupid," said a worker, "The real danger is the cans toppling when the truck's moving." "You're both wrong," said a nearby crow, “The real danger is that society has become so dumb, that people in charge don’t know what they are doing, and brainless people are getting pushed into positions of leadership.” He ended with remarks about managerial gullibility: “It’s like the old adage: ‘Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…well, maybe I shouldn’t be in management after all.’"



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