The really trippy thing about Folding Story is watching an idea mutate, line by line. By the time this story gets all the way to the end, it will probably be about flying purple socks finding their lost mates." God, he's beautiful, thought Takahashi as he sated his soul on the sight of Jericho Manatee. But how could he tell his young lover he was an assass . That's right a total that's ass squared. Takahashi stared luridly at Jericho Manatee as he washed his socks in the sink. When JMan wasn't looking Takahashi took in every inch of that blubbery behind. It didn't look squared at all to him. "Are you sure you didn't mean cubed?" JMan rolled his snakeeyes into a boxcar, into a royal flush. How many Pinkwaters did JMan think his posterior was worth? Takahashi harbored a guess or two but he didn't want to sho ut, didn't want to throw his hands up and shout, throw his hair back and shout. JMan wanted to write his own Village People song with some peasants gossiping behind the casino. But the village people didn't want to write any Village People songs with JMan. "We don't write with anyone who throws up his own hands. Gross!," they said, waving their torches that were held in the several long arms coming out of their mouths. JMan had to be stopped, by whatever means possible. I cut the mass of arms with a swiss army knife, causing JMan to screech in pain. I continued cutting his mouth-arms off for several tedious hours, praying that he would soon tire of playing euchre with himself. I guess it was more a loss of blood that finally calmed the creature down enough for me to shave all his mouth arms off to reveal JMan was a woman.



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For the record. Jman the woman does have a preference for the color purple: the color, the book, and the movie.

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And it is flying if by flying you mean flamboyant.

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It’s fly.

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stan’s line cracked me up!

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