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Cries of anguish were heard in the Halls of Folding Story. “Damn that so and so, fathering welp of a manwich! Futique has fucked up another Folding Story. Something has to be done before I will put it on the plate. If it winks at me first, I won’t eat it,” one of the as yet unmentioned Folders whispered to another Unmentioned. They both turned to look up in the corner of the ceiling where a maelstrom of tomorrow’s news was getting sucked out of the slowly smalling room. The maelstrom’s heartbeat took us over. Then Now. Now then. It kept a cycle, a kalyuga. We became long strands connecting the true heart to the future and our duties to it. To think otherwise would attract the Thought Police. They had already gotten King Stu, just tonight.

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But without the true end, how can that really be determined? Did I really fuck it up?

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These questions can only be answered by the Perspective Detectives. You can find them in the phone book between Opinions and Polyunsaturated.

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I found them! They said they have no opinions you must give them yours.

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