The streetlight cast just enough light through the hovering insects to create silhouettes of the six combatants. Even though I couldn’t make out individual features, I knew most urinary tract infections. The discolorations and secretions made that delightful whistling noise you so rarely hear these days. It's a shame really, that noise fading into obscurity. It was quite similar to the noise made by your nose when there are some boogers up in a nostril corner. You know that sweet, far and wee whistling? That kind that won't let you sleep? Until you jam your finger against your forehead because you missed your nostril? Know the feeling? Well, love is also kind of like that. For example, take your still beating heart put it in a kleenex box wrap it in duct tape and throw it over Hoover dam. Maybe not the best analogy, but you get the idea. I felt she understood me in a deep emotional level. And so I took her to the Hoover Dam and proposed to her. She said yes. And my heart rejoiced, as this was the beginning of a wonderful engineering wedlock.On our honeymoon we toured engineering wonders of the world like the three gorges dam, the panama canal and the pyramids. Then we started a project of our own in the back yard. We dug a huge pit using only spoons and attache cases to carry out the dirt. Eventually we would have a pool of our own and the Joneses would weep and gnash their teeth because now they won't be able to one-up us. "You digging to China?" They teased at our progress. Little did they know, that we would have the last laugh.



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This is possibly the best story I’ve ever had the privilage to be a part of!!! :-)

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Yes, not bad at all!

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We’ve been blogged! This was a good one because it is all so true!

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