There was a cat and it could talk. One day it said HAI to the dog. But the dog merely stared at the cat. The cat had no shame. Lifting her leg, she licked herself calmly for several moments, letting the dog watch. The dog starting wagging his tail, somehow understanding that perhaps clean was better? The cat finished and sauntered past Dog ignoring him (as she always did). Dog ran to greet Child. Child, pushed him back and said "Dog, I hate you! You let me eat out of your bowl and chew on your squeeky toy or I'm not friends with you. The dog sat in the middle between Master and Child, raising one eyebrow, then the other in an act of supplication. The dog really wanted to raise his leg in an act of relieving himself alongside a fire hydrant, but Master and Child were watching. They expected more fr -om him, but what, exactly? He wagged his tail. Master and Child ignored him. He barked. They scolded him. He wanted so badly to please them, but they weren't paying attention. He tried song & dance but he found he just didn't have jazz paws. He tried oration. He recited a bit of Seneca, a bit of Cicero. They only heard barking. Another scolding. He tried to impress them with waggling his ears, his tail, flapping his paws in a way like they hadn't seen before. It was simply no use. He'd be a dog forever. Resigned to his fate, the sad little doggy wandered outside with his head hung low and his tail between his legs. He found a nice shady spot under a tree and laid down with a sigh.



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What a sad story! I wish I had ended it on a more positive note!

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