Johann poured another cup of Gevalia, his oddly lusterless blond hair barely moving. Weyland-Yutani was really coming along on its line of Cafe-bots - the twitchiness that had mar red last year's model seemed to have been corrected. The Cafe-bot suddenly raised its steel grey eyes to Johann's. A flicker of utter contempt was not lost on Johann. The Cafe-bot finished his cuppa without breaking eye contact with Johann. It was a challenge & Johann knew it. There was only 1 way Johann knew to prove his human superiority over the Cafe-bot. Johann was a pie-driving man. So he set up a contest, between Johann and the Cafe-bot to see who could bake the most pies in one day. Johann was taking the low road, no meringue, no lattice crust, just slap it and count it. He had made 60 pies an hour in the last contest. The Cafe-bot had four arms and all were AI culinary students. Luckily for Johann, the Cafe-bot had chosen to make the most elaborate pie known to man, the Minsky's Flying Buttress. They managed only 18 to his 60 pies. Ev -eryone knew that the Minsky's Flying Buttress Pie that the Cafe-bot was now attempting had only been successfully created once. This gave Johann and his crew a chance to catch up with the Peace Prize committee with their entry. After many painstaking years, Johann had finally taught a horse to speak French. It only spoke French, and had little personality, The horse also only spoke French when Johann was around, like Michigan J. Frog did in those Looney Tunes. Around others the horse shut up. The Peace Prize committee was unimpressed Naturally the horse was turned down from not only the Peace Prize but every respectable and prestigious prize committee.. The horse spent the rest of his life in shame



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