I didn't have to say it, but I did anyway, and I think I almost meant it, too. She looked back at me with an emotional cocktail of surprise and gratitude and something like sadness. 'It's too late, silly,' she said. Then she kissed me on the cheek and held my eye for a second before disappearing into the taxi. I mooched along Buchanan Street, ca rrara marble eye back in my socket. I would never take it out again. It was a keepsake after she kissed it. The socket got infected & pussy. My eye Dr. said I should lose my marble John the Baptist statue. "What? Just because I have pink eye?" The Doctor smirked and kissed the tips of his fingers. "How are you going to pay me my fine little friend? Insurance? Or something more" -- he leered at me -- "agreeable?" He squeezed my breast like a bike horn, and I squeaked, humiliated. But something came over me when he caressed my nose, and I felt stronger than I ever had before. Instead of an embarrassed little girl, I was powerful, and I could hurt him. I hit him straight in the nose and he Reeled backwards, falling off the cliff. His terrified screams would be heard from the next three days. I morphed into a squirrel and joined my old comrades in the squirrel hole. I popped my head up just as Junior was swinging at me with, for him, a big branch. He would have hit me but he lost his balance and ended up hitting his sister who saw it coming bu -t preferred wailing piteously instead of ducking out of the way. Junior's blow had cost his sister her eye. Now he would have to be her slave for the rest of his life. She smiled don't worry I won't be too mean to you. She handed him a mop and bucket and a pair of patent leather heels, "Make them shine. Then put them on and dance the cha cha!"



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She’d loved her friend’s glass eye and now she needed one. It’s the cycle of eyfe

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That eye gets around.

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Isn’t that odd? The eye theme returns after 4 folds and four years.

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