All stories are love stories. Except this one. While writing my outline, I decided this story should focus instead on the irreverent adventures of Detective Manatee, who today would be investigating the disappearance of Clamydia, the winsome mermaid of the Yellow Sea. Det. Manatee began by interviewing VInce, the last viper fish who had seen her. "I saw her with the sea cucumbers, I saw her with land sharks, I saw her with the damned spaghetti squash!" Det. Manatee swung around, his skin itched from the sea lice. Vince the viper fish had said enough. But he kept talking anyway, viperfish having notoriously big mouths. "And then she slept with the fishes, nyah, see-" Vince floated to the top of the tank, courtesy of Jman's itchy anus. He had released his belt and opened his pants to reach around and scratch the itch when his holster slid down the belt, fell to the floor, & discharged twice in Vince's head. He raced to the ER in his undies cradling Vince & laid him on an operating table & wore scrubs in lieu of clothing. A nurse handed him a saw. "But." "Saw now, doc, or we lose him." Confused, holding a bone saw, he looked down at Vince on the operating table. "Where?" The nurse shook him and pointed, "On the dotted line! Hurry!" The doctor signed on the dotted line and he and Vince were married that very day, in the sight of God, at Elvis' Lucky Wedding Chapel IV. Vince died soon afterward, and the doctor didn't know what to do. He attended the funeral and paid his respects, then continued his life with him in mind throughout the rest of his days at the job.



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Woab, I’m sorry to break it to you…

2 IceSquad's photo

Woab, you peeked at the first fold!

3 KieferSkunk's photo

“Please saw on the dotted line”.  And other phrases you don’t hear in everyday English.

4 KieferSkunk's photo

Also, I guess it turned out to be a love story after all. :)

5 ACN's photo

Between a man and a man

6 KieferSkunk's photo

Nothing wrong with that.  I thought it was between a man and a fish, though.

7 IceSquad's photo

One of whom shot the other fatally in the head- twice. Realism is a key component at FoldingStory.

8 LordVacuity's photo

In Jman’s defese, he did think he was alone behind the two way mirror.

9 LordVacuity's photo

Hey Doc, you are a gay fish lover & killer. You better watch out for Manatee, you killed his star witness.

10 LordVacuity's photo

Now, we may never know what happened to Clamydia.

11 LordVacuity's photo

That Clamydia sounds like she really gets around.

12 LordVacuity's photo

I think that unlicensed field surgeon is not a doctor but Jman.

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Here is what happened to Clamydia:

14 IceSquad's photo

This is what became of “Doc” Jman:

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I totally didn’t peek! I don’t even know how. Now, off to the offshoots to write more romantic novels with all of you.

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Maybe every story is a love story.

17 BlastedHeath's photo

Lucielucie, I wish that were so.

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Top story of the month! Congrats!

19 Woab's photo

All stories are love stories, except this one and many others. This one os more like a love letter to Folding Story.

20 BlastedHeath's photo

Just don’t use your full vocabulary, and please stunt your imagination so that everyone can feel included.

21 BlastedHeath's photo

Just phoning it in from the 451.

22 SlimWhitman's photo

Blasted, please don’t limit your writing or your imagination here, but there will be disappointments. There are many ideas of what a foldingstory is, and many types of writers participating. I guess that rare diamond that develops an idea fully is a pleasure that derives some of its charm from the fact that it is difficult.

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@ BH - I can dream that it’s so!!

@SW - such words of wisdom!

24 BlastedHeath's photo

@LL - You are probably right after all.

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If all stories are love stories, can this still be a love story? Or is it not? In an alternate universe will it be a love story?

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