Amanda Widdershins looked around at her new apartment: modern, reasonably well made, good view of the city lights, but sterile somehow compared to the farmhouse she had sold. She walked to the glass sliding door to the balcony. I learned on the rail, thinking longingly about my old farmhouse. I didn't want t to be here. I was kicked out and told to get a place of my own but that was not possible. There were no more place as all of it had already been taken. Lands were scarce. If you sold your land, you'll regret it forever for you are American Indian and do not know the white man's ways. But they soon pick up on the system: lie, rape, steal, kill. Pretty it all up in grandiose philosophy and political theory. Piece o' cake. The result: RESERVATION CASINOS. These were hugely profitable for the reservation residents. Blackjack machines proved extremely popular. Some visitors played Pokemon Go and won bundles of money! Unfortunately, news travels fast when a new water source if found. When a dozen Pokemon Go players plus the odd idiots who'd died out in the desert while on a visionquest, a tribal beatnik society known as The Gone, and a hamster named Kevin all descended upon the water at the same time, it was hard to say who would be quenched. Certainly not the ghosts. But it became clear that I knew zilch about ghosts, especially seafaring ghosts, sponge coral ghosts that quickly sucked up all the water, leaving Kevin the hamster hung out to dry. Kevin's remains were discovered by archeologists 2,000 years later, fwap-fwap-fwapping in the wind in the middle of the great Montana Desert. The coral ghosts exacted their revenge



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Just seems like more evidence that FoldingStory is an NSA op.

(not a hamster, and not fwapping at the moment)

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Sorry to everyone regarding my moments of paranoia and taking offense.

“The coral ghosts exacted their revenge by promising Kevin that there would be a freshly stirred glass of Purple Tang at the end of his many trials.”

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I’m there with you, BlastedHeath. I’m expecting agents to jump out of a helicopter, bust down my door, and hogtie me…and, if they don’t—if it never happens—I’ll be sad…but not too sad.

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Thank you, Jimbeau.

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“by promising Kevin that there would be a freshly stirred glass of Purple Tang at the end of his many trials.” is an excellent post-ending ending, BH.

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Thank you, Woab. :-)

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