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This must be how Hades makes demon spawn.

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Great opening line there, Reb!

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Meat loaf hell. Sounds like a country western song title. XD

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My honey pie can can a coon with butterbeans to make Julia Child wail
every arbor day and on Robert E. Lees birthday she brings meat loaf hell.

(chorus) honey pie’s meat loaf hell
makes you hear that final bell
makes you think relief for a spell
when it is faux Cambridge Silversmiths drell.

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sorry, that last word should have been dreck. It turned into a dreck by being a drell. It just wasn’t the dreck I had intended.

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Yes, I had not intended to end with a rhyme.

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I thought that is what country music does. It does not end in a rhyme. Or is that Pop Country?

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I should probably know more about the Society of Mildreds. Are they Illuminati affiliated?

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