'20' out of 10 gay people are bad at statistics. This is the exact reason you don't find many gay people calculating regression equations. Hal was the exception to the rule, however. He found MANOVA BOARD, a club devoted to gay interests, Fermat's Last Theorem & pirate role play. Alan Turing was MANOVABOARD's first member & he & Hal would calculate furiously while wearing gold schlagger bottles around their necks. Alan Turing and Hal had ended their disgraceful debauch on the crusty shores of lake Havesu and that's where they found the Sword of Dope. It was still usable without legal marijuana. Halsey grabbed it and filled it with fresh dope for her music video. Then she returned it. "Thanks so much!", she said before leaving. "Pass it on, Sister", they answered almost in unison. That lifted her spirits even more. She waved one more time with a smile & walked out to the film crew. She'd gotten more than enough publicity just by showing up, but she wanted more. "I have an announcement to make," she said to the film crew, "I have just been visited by angels from outer space, who informed me I will die soon – an unfortunate side effect of their proximity. But the space angels can also cure me if I purify myself. Could you help me?" The film crew decided to help me to be purified by finding the space angels. The only problem was finding them. The film crew and I set out to find them, after all I didn't want to die. They were my my ticket to Hollywood, and an Oscar win; I didn’t want to prematurely ejaculate myself to fame, but… The Space Angels weren’t going to be easy to find, and time was running out.



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