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to do with these neurotic women. First you sell their private details online and then you buy them dinner." My shrink was greatly impressed at my knowledge of the opposite sex and

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ggested a stroll along the canal. Lady Elise agreed immediately but Patrice, her chaperone, insisted that Lady Elise had to attend the evening mass at Gribbley's Pantheon. I hated

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worked so hard for this moment! How could all her time come to waste like this? How could she ever look her cat in the eye again when she was such a failure?

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"Wait a sec," Tara said, "That's not allergies.... that's ANTHRAX!" We all screamed and ran madly towards the door, only to find it locked. "We're doomed!" Tara sobbed.

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The brunch was conical and comical as well. Melon in the shape of a traffic cone, sculpted with loving detail like

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salt mines. They would pepper their hair with the white grains so as to gain it's strength. This made for

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with my grandmother's eldest dog. He just died, making me the victor." He spread his hands out, as if to show me the size of his

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received scathing reviews. "Too thick!", one person wrote. "Not nearly eggy enough," another scoffed. I put my hands in the air, screaming:

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Typing in the in between moments at work means sloppy sentences and poor grammar but the ideas presented are genuine diamonds in the rough. I'm classical literature a side FS gives

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contracted pneumonia more times than any person alive. But, to view Ed the Swami in all his glory, you must first master the Habit of the Clean Mind, so that nudity invokes only