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Woab loved ugly fish and carefully slipped a few in her petty coat for a future fold that might need something laughable and slightly fishy. Futique paid no attention as always to

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Bangtan Boys that prepared to fire the little pellets that so small could hurt so bad. Jimin caught a pinecone and launched it straight at the enemy team - headshot.

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broke his hoof. "Great!" cried Comet, "Rudolph...excuse me...Rudolf, the Russian reindeer, is hurt...bigly!" A hush came across the usually festive stable. "Don't you mean, big lea

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It was as if something, or someone, had control of the students and faculty; as if they were zombies--looked like, and to a certain extent, behaved like the real people-but they

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in the park, it could've been the 17th of July. Charity was full of it, Clarity wasn't nearly as clear as Joy was joyful. They crashed their hoverbikes into a man selling ice cream

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"Bless me my father for I have sinned.My love of basball has caused me to put the ball into the glove when no one is looking," Officer McGillicutty replied to Officer McGillicutty.

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That's when Senior Froglegs showed up in his geek tech gear. And in a fit of flying fingers and computing know how his tracked down the information clog, freeing all the secrets.

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chanting "Onward with our journey, finding flowers for our Bernie!" They continued this until reaching a sign "Roger's blood-red roses - 10 miles"

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He frenziedly sketched images of fallout shelters, wastelands, emaciated survivors, ravage, plunder. These were his notes on what the librarian was reading aloud- Ramona & Beezus.

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of a shattered gemstone. They could fool themselves into being happy with all their wealth, but nothing replace the vast emptiness they felt. They were all alone in the universe.