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That's when Senior Froglegs showed up in his geek tech gear. And in a fit of flying fingers and computing know how his tracked down the information clog, freeing all the secrets.

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chanting "Onward with our journey, finding flowers for our Bernie!" They continued this until reaching a sign "Roger's blood-red roses - 10 miles"

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He frenziedly sketched images of fallout shelters, wastelands, emaciated survivors, ravage, plunder. These were his notes on what the librarian was reading aloud- Ramona & Beezus.

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of a shattered gemstone. They could fool themselves into being happy with all their wealth, but nothing replace the vast emptiness they felt. They were all alone in the universe.

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see a huge tear rolling down Dufusbo's face. Strange- elephants don't usually cry at weddings. Was it the klutzy dancing? The choleric food? That the bride was a ton overweight?

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,his vorpal sword squiggles galoofing delight. And borogroves callaying well into the night. ‘Twas at that moment of uffish repute. Where the Bandersnatch and jubjub bird galoot

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Blind worm teats. An adder’s schlong. Lizards and howlets gettin’ it on. Mix ‘em together to make a bubbling stew, toss in some bacon, a slab or two. The hell-broth ain’t complete

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well, seven out of eight ain't bad. Nobody's perfect, right? -- Blinking at the blank looks from his target audience, the bawdy bard tried a different approach.

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cology is the best singer ever. The Sayicology ghouls invite you to the back alleys, their natural habitat, and then start doing tribal dances with tin cans and soap boxes.

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N The Tears is blasting from under the aqueduct where several Romani men were parked in a circle. Whomever it was that just whistled made the Romanis look around and they saw me.