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After her modem funeral, she gloomily returned home and looked for something else to do to distract herself from the tragic death and tried to login on Foldingstory "Oh right...."

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laughed, awkwardly. The tension was palpable in the room. Bob played with the grenade image on his t-shirt. "Did you know," he said, "that what's on your shirt is a reflection of--

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cast a sandwich spell. He figured Death would be hungry, being a hooded skeleton and all, and it worked! Death incarnate was no longer a metaphor. He sliced the magic sandwich i

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twit, remember when I asked for your opinion? Me neither! You know as well as I do that when you only get a few minutes to do your folding business, things can get a little messy.

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Dressed in new dapper duds, Temperance strolled into a so-called Gentlemen's Club. Expecting to see debonair gents sipping brandy and smoking cigars, she was surprised

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like a kookaburra in an old gum tree. "Merry queen of the hems is she, hoarding all the hemrings she can see. Wait - share some with me!" Master Filch and the Pastor crooned.

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a clown car, Alfred somberly applies make up to his face. He steps out from the locker room and marches to where Sgt. Funzo is briefing the men on attacking enemy zeppelins.

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Wannabe´s they didn´t know the true meaning of being an armchair meteorologist , oceanographers they missed soul in their articles and true fascination for what they did. He took a

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The midget was known as 'Herset', the Guardian of Closet Doors. Herset would unleash monsters on wicked children and keep them away from the nice. Gary had been particularly bad.

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he'd lost feeling in one foot and his other foot was trying to wake it up. He pulled off his shoe and thanked his foot for waking the other up. But then before his foot could reply