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go to the corner and think about what i did.

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but then i became not the best. i failed to make the last touchdown on the very important game on saturday

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but at that moment the gang Scorpia closed in on the private bank.

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Is this what you envisioned after leaving the circus? What about your dreams? Your prerogatives? Your bearded women? It's futile to discuss what we would have done given foresight,

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What grizzly creature are ye who doth give me chase? Do ye have evil designs upon me lilting form?" Seamus winkled at the monster who said "There is no evility in my plans for you

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to near-suffocate the city's population with his gaseous form and thereby push anti-pollution legislation by blaming it on the cars. Of course, Mr. Fart did have ulterior motives

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stay up on FoldingStory writing in-jokes about Detective Manatee, the evil Mr Amnesiac and all the prominent users of the site. This time the actual (un)living zombies made that

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plastic grubs,but somehow it still drove. spewing a sewagy dank cloud which made it simultaneously easy & challenging to tail him.The tall shady man with one black hefty bag turned

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After all, we got to the top of the valley didn't we? But as we continued onward, we realized it was a Klein bottle-shaped valley and that our endeavor to find the top was in vain