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"You mean winter solstice.", Doctor Huffley sent a tired look at Jim. "Huh? Oh, yes, of course." A dazed man he was. "Are these cousins...", Huffley lowered his glasses. "hostile?"

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maciated by the relentless winds from the open sea. The eroded cliffs seemed dangerous and the Heraklions lived on edge. Inland, the invader tribes were planning on enslaving

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There was Plan-B Pills, Anti-itch Cream, Energy Drinks and Fresh Underwear. The self-service kiosk for embarrassing products needed a name.

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THROW THE LEVER! (not that one, the other one.) LIVE SQUID! LIVE! I looked down at cephalopod on the slab. Master has gone round the bend on this one. Then I saw a twitch.

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inadvertently gnawed in the process. She chewed her way stealthily through the sugary automobile, as a sticky film of saliva and jelly bean innards began to accumulate on her face.

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had left clogging up every sink or drain in the house they had lived in. It was that hair that inspired Colin to become a plumber. As a child Colin had spent many summers

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began to chisel an ice sculpture of her dog Puffy Cool. Francis had been keeping a large enough block of ice in her freezer specifically for the occasion. Francis was prepared

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put on an adult nappy. It is a well known fact that stopping time does not stop the process of digestion. Although Michael had eaten only a light meal it was likely that

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my neighbor." He looked at her in shock. Poor Mr. Jebson! He was such a sweet man...he didn't deserve such an end.

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Well, it was too late now. The rotund man was about to be the cause of the destruction of earth, all because the aliens thought Richard Simmons was our leader. "Thanks, Porky," Joe