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The young penis was displeased to find out that his friends had ditched him for that STUPID Bobby Prescott, the millionaire that killed 8 ppl and was locked in Alcatraz for 6 yrs

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And all of the sudden you find out that your stalker is actually a CIA agent trying to recruit you, things get even more complicated. Suddenly, lemonade does not taste so good.

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because I can hold a full fifty pounds of cocaine up my rectum and a balloon filled with five thousand tabs of Molly inside my stomach. El Chapo was not impressed with the equine

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The very next day, Sponge Bob took her away. He discovered Zeus' lady friend on the rocks , and he helped her out of a tight spot. She was eternally grateful. "Porifera?"

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Up close, the caged bird bore a sharp resemblance to his late, alternate lifestyle aunt. Suddenly, the colorful fowl rolled over in a parody of committing suicide. Yup- Aunt 'Emo'.

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Dental Hygiene Man. He inspected the stained choppers, whipped out a jar of cleansing fluid and plop, in they fell. The toothless old criminal gummed his lips, humiliated. My Hero!

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Or the disorganized clamour that filled their streets and homes. Everything back on Earth seemed so... angry. Such a contrast to the peaceful astral body she now called her home.

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Gotham, as the Joker's latest diabolical trap snagged a victim. Jim put a band-aid on Penguin's throbbing finger, and warned him to keep his hands away from odd-looking cookie jars

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dble. I also had to haul the entire stockpile home, as I had thrown my car into the deal. The cabbie frowned as I filled his backseat with 60 gallons of paint, not without spillage

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Grand Hotel, where Queen Ursula and her sister Gudrun hung out. They were fond of the library there, which rivalled that of the Royal Family. Teatime was life's rich pageant! Some