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disturbing the peace, for speaking in a library in a voice slightly above whisper level. The Right Hon. Grumbole's quip had the scandalous effect of causing the custodian to titter

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saw him walking, the flashbacks came back to her. She started remembered what happened last night,

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about one's preferences went out the window, upon delivery. My flat-mate saw the open box with Kylo Ren on the front. "What does the red saber do?" "Hands off my love-bot, or else

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bleeding to flood Aunt Flo...period. Aunt Flo is the original owner of the Detroit Red Wings. No, not the hockey team...the car. And Aunt Flo floods her red wings habitually.

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"Sure as me mum's a woman ay's born 'n' bred 'n Brooklyn, Doc. Spoke like a right yankee- up to when the lightning struck me. Now ay's talkin' like'n Aberdeen man. Is there a cure?

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The first 24 hours after a person goes missing, she becomes a parson. With that mystery solved, Det. Manatee focused his attention on a cryptic word at the bottom of the page:

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head quickly down the hall to the fourth red door on the left. There you will find an envelope that will direct you to Step3: where you will need to

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A while back the detective had tried to press information too soon out of some of the scum from Chic Den and only wound up with egg on his face.

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"Boys, where's the butter knife?" Dad's voice boomed in the kitchen. My bro paled. He thrust a slice of bread in & out his pocket before removing the knife. "Just buttering with it

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he had to put down the scalpel to wipe his eyes as tears started streaming down his cheek. Now, that was really half baked humor. Seriously though the operation was to