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it felt good just shouting some of my frustration out into the wind. Time is a tricky thing, isn't it? Mess with it, and you could easily destroy entire lives.

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Trying to contain my embarrassment, I shifted my weight around awkwardly. Avoiding their gazes, I felt a flush creeping up my neck slowly.

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and old lace, african queen, on golden pond, rooster cogburn, grace quigly and the madwoman of chaillot. He hung up saying "this ain't no video rental!" My ole pal slapped my back

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's warehouse pad. Marty set down his crate of LPs and wandered through the abandoned space. After a few minutes, Atrax Dorsum appeared and greeted him in a digital but manly way. M

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utterly disgraceful circle-jerk." The letter "A" commented on what was going on in the story but

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My mother was Nefertite and she was a tortoiseshell. She ate all the other cats' food and their poor humans had to feed the other cats whilst my mother slept. "Quick!", the

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Knowing my grandparents, it be some large inheritance in gold bars or the body of my previously unknown twin. Either way, my shovel had bounced off of a deeply buried box.

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to him. "It can't be him ! He looked so nice... He was the perfect dad ..."

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That is where she felt the most inspired. Very often, here in the dark, she had spotted strange

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Uncle Fred had always secretly thought that Agnes looked like ... the Virgin Mary ...but he