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Moaning Myrtle clung rigidly to each side of the seat, & refused to go down. In fact, she tried to kiss me on the mouth. Yech! "Didn't know you were into girls!" I said. "Hermione,

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was a Biblical portion and God knew there was "Noah" way he could finish it all in one setting. It may take seven days, though he thought maybe "Moses" could

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Like some abominable people tree, the P.I. lumbered towards the doomsday device's "off" switch with gang members hanging on every limb. They kept coming, so he grew like a snowball

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griddle which she still managed to brand me with, but then Catman's errant mouse scampered across her foot & she jumped into my arms & we made up, so Catman if you need a sidekick

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ld gushes of wind. Passers-by trampled the mullberries as best as they could. The unifying quality of the fight brought hope to the dull masses. Old men and women came out for the

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s? The strangest part was that, even after the Cold War was over and forgotten, people kept wondering how to Button the Button. From San Jose to Boston, thousands of

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Ving too fast and crashing the car. This was not worth the headaches involved. A taxi arrived and Sam went home, then crashed. When she woke up, there were 636

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The coconuts containing invasive species were sent to Australia in a giant horse statue, which The March of The Purple Palms had purchased after selling an expensive cactus.

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He took out the jeweled knife, and swiftly sliced cheddar cheese into thin slices. He then cut a loaf of bread into perfectly equal slices. "Told you... Making sandwiches is a good

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said questioning the Genie.