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Sound of moths eating my clothes, causing McCartney to have a panic attack - despite her being well concierged by Mr. Moon, who knew she loved to

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un poco guacamayo llamado Paco vivía en una tienda de mascotas . Él no nació allí, sin embargo . Fue capturado desde su hogar en la selva tropical . El dueño de la tienda de mascot

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been a real pain in the neck. The Ghos arguments were loud enough to be heard till the woods, causing the animals to leave the forest to find some peace. "Mr.Gho!" Dr.Beecher yell

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Brats. Bob, bored in the principal's office, checked out the pc, not in screensaver yet. What? He watches THAT?! Bob quickly uploaded the incriminating pics to McGilligan's home pc

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Bruce Gilden, renowned critic, squinted at the TG-4 photo. Cascades of water frozen midair framed a grinning lunatic. "OMG. Finally someone who understood composition- & he's dead!

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The next person was pumped up at contributing a line based on actual local news stories and reading about death by supermarket - suddenly, it was time to

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It was all gone. Evidence suggested this atrocity was the work of the Whoopus. This North-West-American fuzzy beast eats 9000000 calories a day, and whoops any person in the way.

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So why do we wish upon them, idolize them, see them after every k.o. punch, read them as a ledger, chronicle the warring among them, immortalize them in the title of our cafes

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y seem more worthwhile. This was the perfect escape. No noise, no stress, and best of all nobody else around to interfere. Little did they know you shouldn't always believe adverti

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Mr. Centipede and his lovely wife had one child for each parasol. The yellow parasols were girls, who wore UGGs all year round. "Just like humans, they show off their body