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I couldn't rise beyond my substrate. Stupid upper dermal layer. I did the only thing I could do, which is my job. I'm a white blood cell. I'm sure I have some fancy name somewhere

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Things really changed when I started telling the fnords where I hadn't seen them. They didn't like that. I got a visit from Eris herself. I told her as well. She promised a great s

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The hum became his friend. He learned all of it's moods. At first he imaged what might be causing each mood but as time continued into forever he lost interest in distinctions. The

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soft and squishy. the roller coaster just smooshed down and slugged. The tunnel of love swan boat was a sponge and people had to slog out of the glop. They shut the carnie down but

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their anger on one poor little boy, knocking him to the ground and kicking him savagely all over his body. San Diego Fairgrounds Security rushed to the scene, drawing their

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Feed her Dix. Dix, the only name you need to know in lotions, potions, poultices, Hecate's purse, sows ears and related tinctures. Se habla Espanol. We validate parking. Murder by

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He generally thought that something was better than nothing, but her implication that Nothing with a capital N was better than nothing steeled him against her predictable return. S

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an ellipsis ... coupled with a frank stare and a heavy silence. Such punctuation peppered his performance and pushed those present to see the truth. The man on the stand was

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In such situations, I had to get up and manually press the button on my shoes to tie them. What a chore! By the way, my feet are situated right below my ears, the perfect spot for

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. This rabbit is telling that fish that dank meme stories are written every day, here at FS. In the future, when our book of FS is published, the public will at last recognize