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climb, but I had no strength in my arms after last night's chase from the police. I had to think. I kicked, screamed, beat my fists. I was trapped, like a politician's wife.

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why is today's class so empty and where everyone is. It may take a while to find out where they are but then again it is the teacher's job. so why am I worrying?

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As he was being humped, the director cued the "Hanky Panky" song from Fifty Shades Darker. Buckets of water were being poured over a *very* large lettuce strainer, so it'd rain.

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Even if everyone of the Ball Roomers sided with us, which they won't, we would still be greatly outnumbered by the uncaring. We still wanted to be human & they just wanted to live.

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The circuits in my face are going dark. Sooner than later I will cease looking like Doug Gumpire, a human. Sixty three years I have worn that face. Making it age was a bitch. We d

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To many of the Fallen, Satan was a fool. Even in rebellion he is still doing everything GOD told him to do. Exactly everything that HE told him to do. Their fate is locked to his.

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Nothing unnerves Nathaniel so much as when a mucho muchacha with marimbas moseys by muttering Mandarin mantras meditatively. Unnerves him to no end. So in search of a hermitage, he

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ery moments of my past as the emissary to the gods weave amongst my scales. I remember when Amaterasu-Ō-Mi-Kami first brought the sun to the sky. She called me to spread word of he

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who he hoped might relay some less invasive eastern strategies for treating his seizures. The Dalai Lama listened to Hobart's tale and then laughed. He said "Your suffering

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, pour me another" were saying "My eyes! My God! My eyes! Somebody help me! It's like paper cuts on my retina! It's like myocardial infarction of the iris!" Toxic house syndrome