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, recalling nights spend on the street with only cement as a pillow. The rats would skitter over all of the ones rejected by society, all the ones with no place to belong to. Jim

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French border. Daisy Cow was fighting relentlessly. As Billybob tried to convince Spring the mad clown to give him his cheeseburger. "Why are we stealing the Monacan queen's cow?"

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full of bloatware and useless apps. But don't let that stop you from running your smudgy little fingers all up and down my smooth, hard - screen. Ooo that tickles. Closer closer

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you would like a tea cake tin." I was determined to get this cheese basket to Zelda before Link could save her. After all it was high time she took care of her pansy self. But

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unable to forgive us and just let us all move forward. Bob the skeleton is a drag! Martha, would you please just throw Bob out the window? He's annoying our guest. So Martha threw

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All the lumberjacks pulled into Bob's Lumber-Drivethru and began to hoot and holler at the movie. About half cheered for Eddie Scissorhands; the other half for Sammy Chainsarms.

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muy triste porque es el fin del fin de semana. Todos los domingos se siente deprimida y sale al parque a buscar amigos por que ella no tiene muchos. Aunque ss muy simpatica no

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annoyed. Her pain mattered little to them. What did was that their legs were growing numb and their asses all ached as they sat, crammed in like sardines waiting for the poker game

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navigator. I was going to end up lost forever, swallowed by the ocean in a paper coffin. The Bermuda Triangle would show me no mercy. It maybe would if SuperS111 was here. My yacht

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Fly by the seat of your pants. You need wings and the only way to get them is to earn them. Once you earn them, you can do just about anything you want, within reason. Such advice