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the asbestos king, Luigi Kaposi. The asbestos lobbyists coughed good-naturedly as the set up their family photos on their asbestos desks and sat down in their asbestos chairs.

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I wondered am I just bored with life or and I just boring? I suppose I could automate the rubber stamping and have a robot determine each destiny. I am not really sure what to

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work in the finer points of my Navy Seal training whenever possible anyways. One time, an albino from Arkansas was perusing my suitcase of cakes on a sunny afternoon, and l

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I began chattering and had an irresistible urge to burrow. My marmot button was just two degrees northwest of my lemur level. Good thing my captors didn't take it that far.

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The ceiling has told me that where they go is to brush the teeth they use to eat the cereal I hold within my bowl-y person. Here, apparently the tooth brush wonders where they go a

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"No, I'm just carrying it around the airport for fun," I once replied to a humorless TSA agent. "You need to check it or do a full-body search& rub down." Oh, a massage! Will you

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help with the coming aftermath. Then they introduced a TerrorMax 5000 to teach the young brats reading, writing and 'rithmatic the hard way. But the brazen idiots defied even this

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it's time to pay the piper. After enough late-stage ghasts had entered the mobile surgery's storage batteries, the attendant returned to prep him and his nose for the procedure, wh

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"Ugh... No thanks." Cindy thought as she warped in from another dimension. She wanted to change the subject quickly before anyone started singing the pina colada song. "Have any

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memories for a point of reference. As a child, King Henry VIII had popped the heads off of his sister's Barbie dolls for fun but he lovingly kept mouse posters on his wall.