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air travel. Steve and I moved to Portland, Oregon, where we started a nonprofit brewery. Our famous beers had fun names, like

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u need to call on Darkness your old friend. Ask him to help you remove your brain from Xanadu, it's obviously doing you no good there (or here). Nana! Why do you have to be so mean

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I never understood why Jesus would make balloon animals of the blown up city. Even less how he managed it, but that was for the academics. The believers spoke in tongues and

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Especially when worn on my feet, although I have also found chenille to be pretty advantageous wrapped around any appendage. The softness makes me feel safe. Even bears

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coast of Indonesia working with a clear cellophane net and a shark suit collecting samples once thought extinct Coelacanths. But sharks have been known to kill men out there.

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I totally agree with what are you saying but someone has got to work on their grammar. And I can help you with that.

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why is today's class so empty and where everyone is. It may take a while to find out where they are but then again it is the teacher's job. so why am I worrying?

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As he was being humped, the director cued the "Hanky Panky" song from Fifty Shades Darker. Buckets of water were being poured over a *very* large lettuce strainer, so it'd rain.

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Even if everyone of the Ball Roomers sided with us, which they won't, we would still be greatly outnumbered by the uncaring. We still wanted to be human & they just wanted to live.

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The circuits in my face are going dark. Sooner than later I will cease looking like Doug Gumpire, a human. Sixty three years I have worn that face. Making it age was a bitch. We d