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..vouldn't have noticed ZHAT YOU HAD MY PIPE HIDING IN YOUR VIOLIN ZHIS WHOLE TIME?" The violinist didn't know what to say, he'd been caught! He stood up and pulled out the pipe, b

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She would certainly want to get even. That cornerstore selling death on the side - a typical haunt. The people there, faceless. I'd ask, and they'd respond with

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sols that were supposed to calm the sheeple failed to work their magick. There were going to be potential riots before the plane could land on schedule. Right now the turbulence

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for the villian, maybe yours. Some consider my phone calls to read your future to be cruel or insensible. I call it sound business sense. On my next visit, that's your Final Trip.

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We had to get a suitable boat. The natives made one for us and we paid them with fresh pineapples. Fair was fair. There was a whole foods nearby, run by a family of grass fed cows.

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Think of all the money we'll get when she's dead." I thought surely the old woman would be able to hear the two of you, but then I remembered she was practically deaf. No matter

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This dude wore a jacket that had "Never Again" on the back with skull and bones - plus long, greasy blonde hair. My mum couldn't stand him. Now, I understood and my mum was glad.

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It turned out that Shark Lady's husband was none other than Left Shark. So it was not surprising that she hated their scathing diatribes about her false fangs, and his sloppy foot-

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You and your family to three degrees will live forever as long as you never step off Coney Island. Jessica said that did not sound like a "new friend" type of thing to say. Carny

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Out your succubae, The Earls of LookThrough, m%u0153ckinb�rk, Fall Before The Pride double staging with Pride Before The Fall. The Whims of Brick, Shooting Moons, and a few others.