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lity to make pie. No dainty cherry pie. No sweet shoofly. But a manly Shepard's Pie. As tenacious as the men of the namesake. It was during the Irish potato famine that it gained

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I decided I was ready to infiltrate the enemy stronghold. I stood outside Madame Dolce's Love Acadamy. When a clerk came to greet me, I almost froze, but heard Agent 450's voice in

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his 1975 Mercury that played la cucaracha for minutes on end. At the drive-through, the burger hooligans reached in and activated its siren song, attracting a dance fiesta that

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lover of democracy, (scratch that), that he, Plato loved aristocracy in disguise. There is no democracy without solidarity, and the existence of the word "unprivileged" proves it.

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A novelty of experience of Zara. She is a meager people which she always nomadic for food and the place where she sleep...One day she became a person who made of money.

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"Are you my long-lost Irabian cousin possibly?" the Cultist translated, realising that the Elder God must have been scammed by the Cultist's coworker. "I am not, I'm afraid," he

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the plague and die in order to escape the electronic hell that is the world of digimon. Still, it would be far more dignified to remove these blights upon Pokémanity altogether...

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But what neither army expected was that they had been drawn into a trap! Both the elves and dwarves fell prey to the arrows of an unseen foe, lurking in the shadows.

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that and cook it as a soup, for when mom gets home from work. "Mommy, I made ya sumfin t'eat!" Then I'll sit on her lap and make her swallow every last hairball just by being cute.

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As he knelt by the bed he heard something strange, a voice. It said "You will know and You will fear but you will never hear" He grabbed the morning star harder Ready for anything