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Noah even know braille? That's what everyone really wanted to know. When he would say he had learned it "overseas", they could smell that he was lying. Jerry's dream unicorn said

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room for only one at a time. Sleepy Steve and Happy Smith agreed to work an extra shift on one condition. The squad leader had to promise them two dozen donuts, each.

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I guess this the place you ask the other steadies if you think I am improving at this or not. Am I improving or not? That's me asking the question. You won't chase me away, please.

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your hat to as if to say, "I gave you a fleeting thought, but decided otherwise." Creation knew where she was headed alright. "I'm going to make a big bang in, um, 5...4...3...2...

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aunts in the neighborhood put out garbage down the street. It's not like I'm sitting around all day with the door wide open focusing on picking up scents. They just come to me

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from any naysayers. He'd paid his dues. They could just-- "Beat it! Just beat it!" Dave the break-dancer shouted and danced angrily in their general direction. An electric boogaloo

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Det. Manatee barged in, rushed over to the corpse, ripped off its shirt... another victim of The Unstrapper? "YOU A-HOLE!" shrieked the exposed ME who had been vetting the rug for

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long into 2,793,486 pieces for the 2,793,486 baby piranha I had unsuccessfully hidden in the linen closet. Yeah, my landlord was prone to exaggeration. Told me he'd also cut

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While everybody else was up on the top deck watching the aliens and whales battle it out I ran into her in the kitchen. She was loading up on shrimp ceviche which is what I was af

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I think I saw that kid from Resident Block #448342 over on level #438 of Tower #E33 just might have been found guilty of a pleasure thought about his sister's gerbil lunch. Perv!